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Project Description
"Neurons" streams TED Talks, The RSA (and RSA Animate), and Science Dump to your Windows Phone 7. You can view the lastest talks from each of these knowledgeable sources or Search for more talks. Feel free to share talks you liked via Facebook, Twitter or email.

This is a shared-source project for the published Windows Phone 7 app. There are minor changes to source code published here and the actual source. Mostly owing to Justin Angel not wanting his Developer Key for various services to be freely available online. The major change in this source code is that all videos from this project won't play in-app, but will use the YouTube Media hub plugin instead.

This is not a sample project showing best practices, it's just an app Justin Angel initially devleoped in a single weekend.


Neurons Home Page

Neurons playing a TED video of Melinda Gates

Search pages and Facebook Share page

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